Developing Corporate Reports

SAM Creation proves our client needs in terms of Corporate & Marketing Communication. The core strength of SAM Creation lies in Consultation Services in developing Annual Reports that have been recognized by Annual Report Award and LACP Award. As a creative planner, SAM Creation possessed the capability to develop strategic planning & strategic campaign precisely and meet the objectives. In addition, SAM Design also provides branding & design services especially in creating new year package, Company Profile, and Corporate Logo Identity.

United Tractors is the largest and leading distributor of heavy equipment, cranes, buses and trucks in Indonesia. The UT mascot is presented with a more favorable and friendly image so it shows the brand's new look.

TMMIN has grown along with Indonesian citizens in producing the best quality product. This print ad delivers the education concerns as a nation's value. The educational process that is the main key to the advancement of the nation.

Brand identity describes as a visual element contained in a product to customers. The BNI's visual appearance was created to build a character and valuable image. With an attractive image, bring the brand to life and show it to the customers.

We develop a logo that can identify and distinguish the customer's mind. Through the logo, TPS food is trying to build a positive brand image that can bring consistent sales and make product roll-outs more successful.

The reflection of a product inside and the brand's value find in the packaging. Through the research, we are trying to figure out the wants and needs of customers to ensure the packaging is unique and captivating.

OJK is an independent institution that creates and maintains the regulatory and supervisory system in the financial service sector. By compiling the concept of Indonesian culture, it hopes to foster a high of nationalism. With spirit and optimism, OJK as a regulator put whole souls into building synergy.

Kereta Api Indonesia is an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise that provides rail transportation services. KAI conveys the message of 'Adaptive, Solutive, and Collaborative' in the digital imaging concept. Fast and precise to build the best transportation ecosystem solutions for Indonesia.


Internet of Things Creators & Developers

SAM Digital takes advantage of technological advances in this digital era to provide solutions for clients' new challenges. This advancement allows SAM CGI in creating more wild and fresh ideas to be put into the digital world. With a proper team and high-quality performance, SAM Digital is capable of generating creative ideas to be input in digital projects such as application creation and development services (mobile apps development) for both corporate and commercial (e-commerce) to fulfill client's digital branding and digital communication needs.

The largest photographic company in Indonesia displays showcase product that provides friendly website performance, making it easier for visitors to find the best camera that fits its need. On the website, black represents power under the personality of Fujifilm, giving the impression of elegance that can satisfy the eyes of users.

Traknus is a powerful distributor in Indonesia that offers solutions for many sectors. It conveyed the evidence to show the evolution over time to support Indonesia's development as well as show our best side that producing website with the excellence in updating a newer version.

Integrated energy companies in Indonesia focused on coal mining and palm plantations, Tbs Energi. Building the website based on OJK regulations displays real-time market stock charts. Plus, it has wrapped in a fascinating user interface, with the number eight representing the company's image.

Agung Toyota is one of Toyota's exclusive sales networks in Indonesia. Its website presents product presentation that applies interactive users to fulfil their needs. The user's location is also detected, and a user-friendly product search feature provides convenience.

Known as an investment company managing portfolios in real sectors and technology-based high-growth projects in Indonesia. Agung Venture uses a satisfying website design that looks elegant and prioritizes responsive user experiences.

Paiton energy is the first and largest independent power producer (IPP) operating in Indonesia. Its company profile prioritizing corporate social responsibility can show its representation according to its role.

Mobile apps-Agung Toyota is a form of convenience offered with all the supremacy. The mobile app can make updates in real-time user service history.


Brand Videos & Films

Through its capabilities in making corporate videos, SAM Motion has succeeded in bringing Indonesia's good name to the world level by winning The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2016 and the German Design Award in 2018. SAM Motion's expertise in making video profiles is equipped with the ability to present information and data in the form of animations and infographics. Armed with capabilities as a content creator and digital video consultant, SAM Motion serves the creation of corporate videos, brand videos, digital videos, and viral videos.

With the title of the world-class nickel companies and cobalt mines, Weda Bay Nickel demonstrates the excellence of Indonesia's natural resources. The company profile creates through psychological approaches to the target audience. Building story's concept by creating value-added works and a sustainable future.

BPJS Kesehatan is the social security administrator of health for Indonesian citizens. Corporate video with testimonial format related to awareness in brand benefits. Build a story through precise scene design and a robust character approach with ease.

Indofarma, as a subsidiary of Bio Farma, is engaged in pharmaceuticals and health care. Here is the company profile that presents product presentations with structured visualization. Producing product videos as an excellent step on the international scene.

FIF Group has committed to providing the best financing service to Indonesian citizens for more than three decades. The video profile shows the digital transformation in one hand to provide convenience for consumers. The "Moving Forward" value turns out Company's focus to get people’s curiosity for a better life and better future.


Integrated Social Media & Digital Campaign

SAM Creative Lab focuses on making digital products and creative campaigns. As a creative team, the unit is required to have witty and unique ideas and uphold creativity. By building qualified authentic ideas, Creative Lab provides digital campaigns, marketing design, social media maintenance, and social media strategy.

Tanamduit’s campaign educates the youth’s awareness about financial planning which are mutual funds, government securities, gold, and insurance. The campaign describes an illustration that can attract people’s eyes. It shows trusted and equipped package content to help find their best.

Tokio Marine Indonesia, one of the largest international insurance companies originating from Japan, wants to show its best products on social media to be more dynamic. With the best experience on a larger scale from the insurance products offered, it can bring qualities life stories and meaningful to many people. In shaping the character under the goals, Tokio Marine educates customers about insurance interests that suit their needs on every platform.

As the largest insurance company in Indonesia, Allianz initiated a campaign "Protect and Save the Earth". We help Allianz communicate the campaign's message through the "green movement". The campaign's strategy positions Allianz as an initiator who adds kindness to build strong emotions between customers and Allianz itself. Allianz's commitment to protecting the earth is also a priority to preserve many people by its products.

The TMMIN campaign presents informative and refreshing content by showing Toyota featured products. TMMIN is known as a company operating for almost five decades, which shows its commitment to contributing to the nation. 'We make people before we make product' becomes Toyota's sincerity which is proven in delivering the content itself.