Integrated Social Media & Digital Campaign

SAM Creative Lab focuses on making digital products and creative campaigns. As a creative team, the unit is required to have witty and unique ideas and uphold creativity. By building qualified authentic ideas, Creative Lab provides digital campaigns, marketing design, social media maintenance, and social media strategy.

Tanamduit’s campaign educates the youth’s awareness about financial planning which are mutual funds, government securities, gold, and insurance. The campaign describes an illustration that can attract people’s eyes. It shows trusted and equipped package content to help find their best.

Tokio Marine Indonesia, one of the largest international insurance companies originating from Japan, wants to show its best products on social media to be more dynamic. With the best experience on a larger scale from the insurance products offered, it can bring qualities life stories and meaningful to many people. In shaping the character under the goals, Tokio Marine educates customers about insurance interests that suit their needs on every platform.

As the largest insurance company in Indonesia, Allianz initiated a campaign "Protect and Save the Earth". We help Allianz communicate the campaign's message through the "green movement". The campaign's strategy positions Allianz as an initiator who adds kindness to build strong emotions between customers and Allianz itself. Allianz's commitment to protecting the earth is also a priority to preserve many people by its products.

The TMMIN campaign presents informative and refreshing content by showing Toyota featured products. TMMIN is known as a company operating for almost five decades, which shows its commitment to contributing to the nation. 'We make people before we make product' becomes Toyota's sincerity which is proven in delivering the content itself.

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